Working together for our future

City’s Strategic Plan

2019 to 2023

Working together for our future

Run an effective, fiscally responsible and trusted local government with engaged, skilled and collaborative employees.

Attract and develop accountable employees who work collaboratively and creatively to deliver services

  • Finding ways to better recruit and retain talented employees
  • Alleviating pressures on services that are created as more City employees retire
  • Developing strategic partnerships with stakeholders to improve service delivery
  • Encouraging a culture of innovation and high performance

Improve how the City communicates with residents and delivers services

  • Improving services through greater use of technology and data
  • Accelerating digital delivery of services
  • Improving front-line customer service and communications

Develop a long-term financial and resource strategy that is achievable and affordable

  • Maintaining our delivery of core services
  • Clarifying the service levels the City delivers to the community
  • Establishing a multi-year budgeting and planning process
  • Exploring new funding options, service-delivery models and partnerships to ease taxes for residents and businesses