Neighbourhoods thrive when everyone respects their planned features

Residential neighbourhoods are conceived and designed with a tremendous amount of thought, and planning. In many cases, they are carefully created to include a variety of features such as parks, storm water management ponds and corridors, and wetlands. The City of Guelph owns these public spaces or “City lands” in your neighbourhood and most others across the city. It’s the City’s responsibility to ensure City lands are used for their intended purposes. Doing so has a great number of health, wellness and environmental benefits that are important to everybody.

When humans interfere with neighbourhood features, it’s called ‘encroachment.’ Encroachment refers to the gradual trespass on another’s property. The City of Guelph has a bylaw in place that prohibits a variety of encroachment activities. Encroachment activities might seem harmless, but they have the potential to cause significant problems. You can help preserve an important balance in your neighbourhood by avoiding encroachment activities, and by informing the City if you see them taking place.

  • Grass cutting on City lands is not permitted
  • Dumping on City lands is not permitted
  • Removal of or addition to living fences on City lands
  • Planting, pruning, cutting and/or removal of plants on City lands is not permitted

Be a good neighbour

Ensuring that City lands continue to thrive and play a role in your neighbourhood’s healthy growth requires that residents adopt the view that a good neighbour is one who would not harm or change another’s property without their permission. Similarly, the City asks you to inform it of any problem activities on City lands so they may be addressed. The City of Guelph is committed to the maintenance of City lands. They’re there to be enjoyed by everyone. Please help us ensure this is the case.

Encroachment Bylaw

Application for Encroachment on City Lands

Submit a concern about encroachment on City of Guelph lands

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