Dumping, trespassing, or encroachment

While it may seem harmless to cut the grass or build a play structure in an open space, improper use of City lands can interfere with storm water management systems, impact local wildlife habitat and cause other unexpected problems.

Please report any of the following activities on City lands:

  • Dumping, vandalism or trespassing
  • Storing equipment, boats, play structures or any other personal property
  • Grass cutting, pruning, planting, and/or removing plants
  • Removing or adding to living fences
  • Skating and/or other recreational activities in naturalized areas
    (learn more about outdoor skating rinks in local parks)

Report improper use or encroachment on City land

Apply for an encroachment agreement

Fees may apply to buildings fences, decks, stairs, railings, retaining walls or other structures encroaching on City property.

Encroachment and encroachment agreements