Bell Canada in Guelph

About Bell

Bell is a Canadian communications company, providing advanced broadband wireless, TV, Internet, media and business communication services throughout the country.

Bell fibre expansion in Guelph

In 2021, Bell Canada approached the City with plans to bring fibre to more customers. In addition to 10,000 homes and businesses that have access to fibre, Bell plans to bring fibre to about 15,000 additional homes and businesses per year, over the next three years.

In 2022, Bell connected 10,000 homes to their fibre service.

As of August 3, 2023, Bell has connected 5,000 homes. Bell continues to hook up the fibre service, however they will not meet their 2023 goal of connecting 19,000 homes.

There are now 15,000 homes connected to Bell’s fibre service, and Bell does anticipate connecting 35,000 homes in total by the end of 2024.

Fully funded by Bell, this broadband expansion program will provide fast and high-capacity 100 per cent fibre connections with Internet download speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps and access to leading Bell services such as Fibe TV.

This work supports Guelph’s economy through improved connectivity for businesses and residents throughout the city.

City’s role

The City and Bell have signed a Municipal Access Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions under which Bell is permitted to construct, maintain, and operate its infrastructure in the municipal rights-of-way. Presently the parties that are managed under utility coordination are Bell Canada, Rogers, Hydro-One telecom, Enbridge Gas, Alectra Utilities, and Internet Access Solutions.

Impact to residents

Access to residents’ homes is not required. The work is planned within the municipal right of way, including the boulevard and sidewalk areas. If there is a need for work beyond that, residents will be contacted.

There should be no internet service disruptions during construction.

Rest assured that once work is complete, Bell will return neighbourhoods to the way they were before construction began as soon as weather permits.

There are no plans to remove trees during this work.


Frequently asked questions

How were residents told about this project?

Bell issued letters and door knockers/postcards to individual properties. In addition, Bell issued a media release that the City shared on its website and social media channels. The City also posted information on

Who do I call if I have questions about this work?

Bell is placing door knockers/postcards on properties 48 hours prior to construction. Contact numbers are provided on the door knocker/postcard. Residents should contact Telecon, who is working on behalf of Bell, at 1-833-386-8227 or [email protected].

When this project start and how long will it take?

Bell started this project in May/June 2022 and Bell will continue this work into 2024.

Will I have access to my driveway?

Bell states that access to driveways should not be impacted. If Bell or the contractor needs to set up equipment in front of driveways, Bell will communicate that need to the resident or business before construction starts to get permission.

Why is Bell digging up my yard without permission? Do they have to dig so many holes?

Bell left door knockers/postcard on individual properties to let them know in advance about the work. Bell is installing their cabling on the City’s/municipal right of way. Please keep in mind that most residential properties in Guelph are set back from the curb or sidewalk, and the portion of the boulevard in front of the house is City/municipal land. This is not private property.

Bell does have to dig many holes to get the work down, however Bell will return neighbourhoods and properties back to their original state as soon as weather permits.

Who is going to fix up the grass and sidewalks/driveways?

When the work is complete, and when the weather permits, Bell’s contractor will clean up disturbed areas with (150mm) topsoil and grass seed in all residential areas. After at least six months have passed after the work is complete, the City will bring in a contractor to permanently repair hard surfaces such as sidewalks, curbs, driveways and any road excavations. Bell will pay for all these costs.

As of August 2023: City staff will soon award a contract to have the permanent restoration work completed. Bell is responsible for maintaining temporary repairs until the permanent restoration work is completed.

I am not happy with the way my property was restored. Who do I call?

If you are unsatisfied with the way Bell and their contractor restored your property after the work was finished, please contact Telecon, who is working on behalf of Bell, at 1-833-386-8227 or [email protected].

Can I remove all the flags Bell placed on the street/property?

No. The flags are a regulatory safety requirement to help the contractor avoid damaging what’s already underground. The flags help them mark where gas mains and electrical connects are located so they don’t hit them. The contractor will remove them when the work is complete.

Will I have access to my business?

Yes. Bell states that if any circumstances arise where entry to a business is affected, the contractor will reach out in advance of any work starting to discuss potential impacts.

Will customers be able to access my business?

Yes. Bell states that if any circumstances arise where entry to a business is affected, the contractor will reach out in advance of any work to discuss potential impacts.

For more information

Please contact Telecon, who is working on behalf of Bell, at 1-833-386-8227 or [email protected].