Bell Canada in Guelph

About Bell

Bell is a Canadian communications company, providing advanced broadband wireless, TV, Internet, media and business communication services throughout the country.

Bell fibre expansion in Guelph

In 2021, Bell Canada approached the City with plans to bring fibre to more customers. In addition to 10,000 homes and businesses that have access to fibre, Bell will be bringing fibre to approximately 15,000 additional homes and businesses per year, over the next three years.

Bell is on track to deliver full fibre to about 7,700 homes and businesses by the end of 2022. An additional 4,000 homes will receive this service in early 2023.

This work supports Guelph’s economy through improved connectivity for businesses and residents throughout the city.

City’s role

The City and Bell have signed a Municipal Access Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions under which Bell is permitted to construct, maintain, and operate its infrastructure in the municipal rights-of-way. Presently the parties that are managed under utility coordination are Bell Canada, Rogers, Hydro-One telecom, Enbridge Gas, Alectra Utilities, and Internet Access Solutions.

Impact to residents

Access to residents’ homes is not required. The work is planned within the municipal right of way, including the boulevard and sidewalk areas. If there is a need for work beyond that, residents will be contacted.

Rest assured that once work is complete, neighbourhoods will be returned to the way they were before construction began as soon as weather permits.

There are no plans to remove trees during this work.


For more information

Residents with questions about this work should contact Telecon, who is working on behalf of Bell, at 1-833-386-8227.

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