Phase 1: Wyndham Street North Reconstruction

About the project

The Phase 1: Wyndham Street North Reconstruction project is the first detailed design and construction project in the Downtown Infrastructure Renewal Program. This project was informed by the Wyndham Street Environmental Assessment (EA) and is the first phase identified in the upcoming Capital Implementation Plan (which outlines the construction sequencing).

The work will focus on the reconstruction of Wyndham Street North corridor, from approximately Farquhar Street to Woolwich Street.

During construction:

  • All underground municipal utilities will be replaced and upgraded,
  • The road surface will be rebuilt to the cross-section that was determined in the Wyndham Street EA, and
  • The surface will be replaced with updated streetscaping.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2026. The length of construction along the Wyndham Street North corridor is currently being reviewed following public engagement held in spring 2024 to determine if the community would rather fast- or slow-paced construction.

This project will also include the reconstruction of St. George’s Square. Following the recommendations from the Wyndham Street EA, the configuration of the square will remain very similar to what is already in place, with some improvements such as optimized traffic flow, added bike lanes, and a wider, enhanced pedestrian space.

Third-party utility work (such as gas and electrical work) will happen in advance of this reconstruction work starting in 2026. As a result, some impacts can be expected in 2024 and 2025 and will be shared with affected areas as required.

We’re committed to working with the Downtown community to plan and schedule this work in a way that limits the impact to daily life as much as possible. Together, we’ll create innovative solutions to keep our historic core thriving during construction.

Map of the construction area

Aerial view showing construction area

Project progress

The project is in the initial phase as we prepare for the upcoming work. As part of this initial phase, we have procured a detailed design consultant and are continuing to collect additional background information to support this work. The detailed design phase work will be ongoing throughout 2024 and 2025.

Community engagement

We are committed to communicating with businesses and residents about this project. We encourage you to reach out to our project team member at any time with questions or comments.

We’re planning on hosting two open houses for the Wyndham Street North reconstruction; one in early 2025 and the other in early 2026 regarding the design and the construction mitigation efforts planned for this program of work.

For more information

Andrew Miller, Project Engineer
Design and Construction
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3608
[email protected]