Downtown Renewal

Downtown renewal

Creating a place for everyone.

The Downtown Renewal program is a massive undertaking by the City to transform how Downtown Guelph looks, feels, and functions, while also preserving its unique cultural heritage. Our renewal efforts will create the foundation for future prosperity, sustainability, and well-being for the next 40 to 50 years.

The City is making significant investments in infrastructure, redevelopment, and transportation, over the next 10 years to make Downtown Guelph an even stronger cultural and civic hub for the City and the wider area.

Map showing the boundary of the Downtown Renewal area and the City's Secondary Plan area. It is generally bounded by London Road to the north, the Speed River and Huron Street to the east. Dublin Street to the west and an irregular southerly boundary that includes a portion of York Road and Alice Street but excludes the majority of Royal City Park.

Downtown Guelph boundary


The Downtown Renewal program includes several multi-year projects and initiatives. Each of these projects supports the same goal of creating a revitalized and transformed Downtown.

The projects that are renewing our downtown:

The Downtown Renewal program includes several City projects, including:

  • Downtown Infrastructure Renewal Program
  • Baker District redevelopment and the new main Guelph Public Library
  • Seasonal Patio Program
  • Downtown Parking Master Plan update
  • Downtown waste project
  • Community improvement plan
  • Heritage Conservation District Study

 Downtown Renewal: Downtown Infrastructure Renewal Program: 2012 – Downtown Secondary Plan, 2014 – Streetscape Manual, 2018 – Baker District Redevelopment Partnering, 2019 – Downtown Zoning Bylaw, 2021 – Planning and Research, 2023 – Background engagement and option review, 2024-2025 – Confirm Streetscape Standard, Design, Finalize Downtown Capital Plan, 2026 and beyond – Construction Baker District: 2021-2022 – Planning, 2022-2026 - Implementation Seasonal Patio Program: 2020-2023 – Launch and Three-Year Pilot, 2024-2026 and beyond – Permanent Program Downtown Parking Master Plan update: 2013 – Approved, 2021-2023 – Planning, 2023 – Approved, 2024-2026 and beyond - Implementation Downtown Waste Project: 2019-2024 – Review, 2024-2026 and beyond - Implementation Community Improvement Plan: 2021-2024 – Preliminary Stage Heritage Conservation District Study: 2023-2025 – Planning Additional projects: Drill Hall Guelph Central Station proposed terminal building Future Downtown riverfront park Ward to Downtown Bridge