John Galt Bust

Artist: John Miecznikowski
Category: Outdoor Art, Permanent, Sculpture
Materials: Bronze, Granite
Year: 1979

Situated in front of the historic old Guelph City Hall, the bronze bust of John Galt sits on a pillar of polished black granite. It was erected in 1979, marking the bi-centennial of his birth in Irvine, Scotland, on May 2, 1779, and the 100th anniversary of Guelph’s incorporation as a City. The sculpture is located within walking distance from the spot where John Galt founded Guelph with the felling of a tree where Macdonell and Wellington streets intersect. It stands as a dedication to the efforts and ingenuity of John Galt.

John Galt Bust

An unveiling and dedication ceremony took place in front of City Hall on Carden Street on Friday October 5th, 1979 where Robert Welch, Deputy Premier and Energy Minister of Ontario, did the honours. View a copy of the unveiling programme.

The statue was funded through the efforts of the John Galt Memorial Trust Fund Committee, spearheaded by Guelph resident Peter Anderson. Other members included Brian Coleman, treasurer; Mrs. Roderick Scott, secretary; Mrs. Taylor Evans; and Peter Misersky.

The jury responsible for selecting sculptor John Miecznikowski was comprised of Judith Nasby, curator of art, University of Guelph; Stephen Lewis, art consultant, Wellington County Board of Education; and Roy Lefneski, past president of the Guelph Arts Council.

About John Galt

John Galt was a prominent Scottish novelist who founded Guelph on April 23, 1827. As the superintendent of The Canada Company, a large land company in London, England, he conceived the idea of building a town to stimulate and direct the agricultural settlement of the area. Galt planned the community with its distinctive radial design with streets emanating out from the city’s centre like the fingers of a hand, quite different than the gridiron plan of most cities, making Guelph a unique and special place.

About the Artist

Ontario based artist, John Miecznikowski, was a McMaster University student when he was enlisted to create the head and shoulders bust of John Galt. Miecznikowski is best known for his sculptures, drawings and paintings.

John Miecznikowski at McMaster Museum of Art, 2011

John Miecznikowski at McMaster Museum of Art, 2011


59 Carden Street, Guelph, Ontario N1H  2Z9