IODE Memorial Fountain

Artist: A.B. Lund
Category: Memorial, Outdoor Art, Permanent
Materials: Bronze, Stone, Wood
Year: 1914

The IODE Fountain is a memorial presented to the City of Guelph by the Victoria-Guelph Chapter of the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire. The Guelph chapter was formed in 1909 with the initial goal of beautifying and improving Guelph. As a result, the fountain, which was the Chapter’s first installation, was erected in Trafalgar Square with assistance from the City’s Parks and Shade Commission in 1914 to commemorate the reign of King Edward VII.

The contract to design the fountain was awarded by the IODE to an English architect named A.B. Lund. The drinking fountain has an intricate stone base and a four-gabled wood-shingled roof and small spire. Carved stone and metal embellishments help to decorate the appearance.

The fountain was relocated to its current location where it is prominently displayed in a v-shaped parkette in 1927, Guelph’s centennial year when plans to erect a Cenotaph in Trafalgar Square were set in motion. Although no longer a working water fountain, it was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act for its historical and architectural value and interest in 1993. Restoration of the fountain also took place at this time.

About the IODE

The IODE, Victoria-Guelph Chapter was established in 1909. Initially, the chapter was formed for unmarried women, whereas married women belonged to the Royal City Chapter. After the Royal City Chapter disbanded most of the married members joined the Victoria-Guelph Chapter. Annual fees were fifty cents and the women met regularly on the first Thursday afternoon of each month.

IODE is a national women’s charitable organization that enhances the quality of life for individuals through education support, community service and citizenship programs.  In Guelph, the IODE raises money for scholarships, women’s shelters, Remembrance Day celebrations, prizes for the Kiwanis Music Festival, and the purchase of major equipment for Guelph hospitals.


Corner of Yarmouth and Norfolk Streets, Guelph, Ontario