Property Information Request (for law offices and consultants only)

This information is for law offices or consultants only.

The City of Guelph offers a Property Information Report which is often a requirement before a property transfer can take place. The report is typically requested by a law office or a consultant as a result of a possible sale or refinancing of a building or property.

1. Who can apply?

If you are a consultant or a lawyer representing a client, you can request a Property Information Report.

For any other record inquiries, refer to the Records Request page.

2. Types of records and fee

We are only able to provide copies of records and not originals.

A. Zoning information report $65.00

It is recommended that you submit a survey if you are requesting for this report.

Zoning information report contains:

Zoning classification, uses permitted under zoning by-law, zoning comments related to submitted survey plan, official plan designation, committee of adjustment decisions applicable to property, zoning by-law active complaints, confirmation of site plans (section 41 of the Planning Act).

B. General inquiry report $65.00

General inquiry report contains:

Outstanding local improvement charges and outstanding City invoices (Finance); advises if a grading certificate is required prior to release from the subdivision agreement (Engineering); advises if a grading certificate has been received for this lot/block (Engineering).

C. Building information report $65.00

Building information report indicates if violations or outstanding items exist under the following by-laws:

Guelph Building By-Law, Ontario Building Code, Property Standards By-Law, Sign By-Law, Termite Control By-Law, Swimming Pool By-Law, Yard Maintenance By-Law, Backflow Prevention By-Law, Standing Water By-Law.

D. Zoning – use of property letter $130.00

For confirmation that a specific use is permitted on the property. A full list of permitted uses are provided under section A if requested.

E. Environmental records inquiry $80.00

Environmental records inquiry contains historic land use information including landfill site or cemetery and environmental records.

A letter of authorization from the property owner must be submitted with this form when requesting “Environmental records inquiry”.

F. Other property information requests

Forward other property requests to the appropriate address provided below:

  • Compliance and release with respect to agreements. A title search should be done to determine the agreements on title for the property.
  • City of Guelph Realty Services
    [email protected]
  • Property tax records
  • Fire Services records

3. How to apply?

Application review will start once the payment has been received.

By mail (cheque payment only): complete the Property Information Form and include a cheque payable to City of Guelph to the address below. For these applications, GST/HST is not applicable. Copies of cheques are not accepted.

City of Guelph
Building Services
1 Carden Street
Guelph, ON  N1H 3A1

By email (online payment only): complete the Property Information Form and email to [email protected].  Once the completed form has been received, you will receive an email with online payment instructions.

A letter of authorization from the property owner must be submitted with the form when requesting the “Environmental Records Inquiry”.

Collection of Personal Information

Personal information contained in any emails, forms, or documents that you submit will be used for the purposes of verifying ownership of the property, verifying authorization to receive records, and responding to requests.

Personal information, as defined by Section 2 of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, and in accordance with the provisions of MFIPPA. If you have questions about the collection, use or disclosure of this personal information, please contact the Information and Access Coordinator by phone at 519-822-1260 extension 2349 or email [email protected].

4. Response time for request

Once it is confirmed you have submitted a complete application and payment is received, we will start our review.

We strive to complete the review within 15 business days. However, some requests might require more time to process.

We are unable to expedite requests.

For more information contact Building Services at 519-837-5615 or [email protected].