Building Services Online: frequently asked questions

Accounts and passwords

Click on the Change Password button when trying to log on.

Please note that this will only work if the account was set up online by the user. If the account was set up by Building Services, please email [email protected] to have the password reset.

Please email [email protected] to have the password reset.

This usually means there are multiple users on file with the same email address.  These will need to be consolidated, or have the email address removed from all but one of the people records with the same email address.  Please email [email protected].

Each company/business must use one generic email address. (e.g.: [email protected])

The contractor information may not have been provided when the permit application was submitted.  The permit holder or property owner can submit a request to have your company added to the permit as a contractor.  The permit holder or property owner needs to email [email protected] to have a contractor added to a permit.


Sign in to your account.  Select the permit application.  Under fees, you will need to click on the checkbox before the payment option appears.

No.  Currently, each fee has to be paid separately.

Drawings and forms

The drawings that need to be submitted depend on the type of project.  Go to for additional information on drawing requirements.

Most smaller residential projects can be designed by the homeowner as long as the drawings are drawn to scale, and include all of the required information.  Larger residential projects are often designed by a qualified designer, architect or engineer.

Photos will not be accepted. We can only accept digital or scanned PDF files.

Various forms that may need to be submitted

Applying for permits

Try searching with less information.  Start with just the street name, then select the address from the list.

No.  Unless you’re constructing a new building on an empty lot, only the civic address is needed.

Remove any characters other than numerical values (e.g.: Remove dollar signs).

You can type either N/A, architect, or engineer.

Building Services staff will verify ownership, and update as needed, once the building permit application has been accepted.

Upload the new drawings using the attachment type of “Revision”.  You will also need to submit a completed revision application form.  Once the revision application form and drawings have been accepted, you will be advised of the additional fee(s) to be paid.

Yes, you can apply for a building permit. If you have just recently or have not taken possession of the property yet, please submit a copy of the agreement to purchase when uploading your drawings. You will also need to provide proof of ownership, such as the Deed, prior to issuance (uploaded online). The permit will not be issued until the date of possession. No construction can begin until the permit has been issued.

Booking inspections

A list of the required inspections will be provided on the building permit.

In some cases, we can accept requests for specific times.  If you have a request for a specific time, please enter it in the comments section.  You may also request an AM or PM inspection in the comments section.

You may request to receive a call approximately 30 minutes before the inspector expects to arrive.

If the area to be inspected is occupied, and you need to give notice to the occupant, you may request a one-hour time window between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A one-hour window may also be requested for any inspection where a specific test is to be performed during the inspection.

You will be contacted if your specific request can’t be accommodated.

Log in to view your permit.  As long as you can see the date of inspection, you can consider the inspection scheduled as requested.  If your requested day or time can’t be accommodated, you will received a call.  Please be sure to include your phone number on all booking requests.

Only the applicant, owner and general contractor listed on the building permit can book inspections online.  Sub-contractors would need access to the contractors account, or would need to have the permit holder, owner or general contractor book the required inspections.


No.  Submitting an application does not mean that you have obtained a building permit.  You are not permitted start any work until the permit has been issued.

Most residential applications are reviewed within 10 business days.  The review of larger residential applications and non-residential applications range between 15 to 30 business days.

Please contact the plans examiner who reviewed your building permit.  If you’re not sure who reviewed your building permit, email [email protected] and request that you be forwarded to the plans examiner.

These situations are treated on a case-by-case basis.  In most cases, all work is not required to be completely removed.  However, regardless of when the work is completed, all mandatory building inspections need to be completed.  This may result in some work needing to be removed for inspections.