Sustaining our Future: Water Services

Capital Programs of Work

Water Services


This program of work is required to ensure effective and efficient water service delivery and compliance with applicable legislation.

The program deliverables will maintain and build infrastructure to service the needs of community growth, renew critical water supply infrastructure to prevent failure, reduce unplanned maintenance requirements, and sustain current service levels for customers. They also protect the environment and maintain regulatory compliance, and optimize current infrastructure and resources.

2021 to 2030 project highlights

  • Continue new water supply exploration studies to support growth at Logan and Guelph South test wells (WT0002).
  • Tender and construct the major capital renewal at FM Woods Site infrastructure to address key risks noted during the Council approved Drinking Water Quality Management System risk assessment (WT0064).
  • Assess condition of the Arkell Aqueduct—critical to the City’s ability to provide drinking water and sustain current service levels (WT0067).
  • Implement a North West Industrial Area Cast Iron Watermain Replacement Program to address watermain material types subject to failure and associated service disruptions to area industrial customers, including the replacement of cast-iron watermain on Speedvale Avenue West from Edinburgh Road to Silvercreek Parkway North in 2021 (WD0053).
  • Implement and start an operational testing program to inform design of a water management solution for the Dolime Quarry lands in accordance with Council’s approval of the Dolime settlement pathway (WT0002).
  • Replace water supply system in conjunction with wastewater and road reconstruction projects including:
    • PN0271 York Road—Stevenson to Victoria
    • PN0268 Paisley Road Feedermain Phase 3—Ryde Road to just before Fischer Drive
    • PN0847 Manitoba Street—Ontario to Huron Street
    • PN0043 Metcalfe—Eramosa to Terry
    • PN0236 Speedvale—Elmira to Imperial

Operating impacts

There are no forecasted impacts from the 2021 recommended capital spending.

Budget details

2021 Water Services capital budget

2021 to 2030 operating budget impact from capital

No operating impacts from 2021 to 2030.