Sustaining our Future: Solid Waste Services

Capital Programs of Work

Solid Waste Services


This program of work is required to ensure continued effective and efficient service delivery, diversion, and compliance with applicable legislation.

Projects included in the proposed 2021 to 2030 program of work support services that were part of the 2017 to 2018 Solid Waste Resources Service Review and the Facility Needs Assessment and Master Plan.

This program of work will maintain and build infrastructure to service the needs of community growth, reduce unplanned maintenance requirements, sustain current service levels for customers, protect the environment and maintain compliance, and optimize current infrastructure and resources.

2021 to 2030 project highlights

  • Upgrade organic waste processing facility (WC0020) to ensure efficient and effective processing of organics.
  • Upgrade transfer station (WC0002) to address capacity for growth and enhanced diversion programs to meet goals of the Solid Waste Management Master Plan and Waste Free Ontario Act.
  • Construction of the collections operation centre (WC0030) to replace prior facility decommissioning and demolition.
  • Design and upgrade of administration building facility (WC0003) to reflect requirements identified in Facility Needs Assessment and Master Plan.

Operating impacts

There are no forecasted impacts from the 2021 recommended capital spending.

Budget details

2021 Solid Waste Services capital budget

2021 to 2030 operating budget impact from capital