Guelph Shops Business Spotlight Profile: Turn1 Sim Racing

Turn1 Sim Racing officially opened its doors on May 13, 2023, to create a place where experienced and new racing enthusiasts could indulge in their passion for speed and competition.

You can find Turn1 Sim Racing at 33 Quebec Street, in Guelph or online at

Andre, owner of Turn1 Sim Racing

Andre was exposed to computers at a young age, leading to his interest in simulated racing games. His love for technology led to a film production career specializing in live broadcast and post-production editing.

Recognizing that only some can race on actual tracks, Andre turned to the world of simulated racing. Striving for the thrill of what better equipment could offer, he searched for a racing facility but was halted by the COVID-19 lockdowns. With the Esports industry on the rise, Andre decided to start his own sim racing facility.

Business background

Andre combined his love for racing with his expertise in technology to create an environment that captures the essence of the race track. Cutting-edge simulators and realistic visuals allow anyone to experience the rush of being behind the wheel. Turn1 Sim Racing aims to build a haven for racers to immerse themselves in the exciting world of racing without limitations.

Andre and his wife Andrea’s love for the city, meant that Turn1 Sim Racing chose Guelph as their racing haven. In addition, Guelph offers proximity to motorsport hubs, a vibrant sports and recreation scene, a university town atmosphere, and strong local support. These factors contribute to a thriving and accessible racing experience for locals and visitors.

When asked why it’s important to support local, Andre responded,

“By supporting local businesses in Guelph, we create a virtuous cycle of economic growth, community well-being, and environmental sustainability. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient, and thriving community that we can all be proud to call home.”

What makes Turn 1 Sim Racing unique?

Turn1 Sim Racing offers cutting-edge simulators and realistic visuals for an immersive racing experience. With experienced guidance, a thriving community, and flexible sessions, racers can improve their skills and enjoy a variety of events. Committed to excellence, Turn1 Sim Racing prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Next steps

Turn1 Sim Racing’s plans include expanding facilities, hosting leagues and tournaments, collaborating with racing organizations, and organizing special events. They also aim to offer racing education and training, integrate virtual reality technology, and foster community engagement through various events and challenges.

Visit Turn1 Sim Racing and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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