Guelph Shops Business Spotlight Profile: Trek Nirvana

Trek Nirvana began in 2019. Their passion lies in seeking authentic and sustainable travel experiences.

You can find Trek Nirvana online at

Guruasish Singh, owner of Trek Nirvana

Guruasish is a hiking enthusiast who discovered his love for curating adventures while exploring the Himalayas and the Bruce Trail. He enjoys exploring new food joints and trail finds and watching nature documentaries. Guruasish is a dog dad to Murphy, the Chief Paw Officer, and a husband to Jagminder, an invaluable asset to the business.

Guruasish, the owner of Trek Nirvana and his dog Murphy posing for the camera.

Business background

Trek Nirvana is a Guelph-based travel design agency and community of outdoor adventurers. Passionate about seeking authentic and sustainable travel experiences, exploring local culture and heritage, connecting with new people and discovering indigenous art and cuisine. Trek Nirvana started as a community of outdoor adventurers and nature-preneurs. Since then, they have become a TICO-certified, brown-owned small business based in Ontario.

The Business Centre Guelph-Wellington awarded Trek Nirvana the best small business idea. They always seek to connect people with Mother Nature & give back to the community. Tours are eco-friendly and pride themselves on working with suppliers passionate about sustainability.⁠

Being a community of adventurers themselves allows them to comprehend one’s travel needs. They have explored places like the Bruce Trail, the Himalayas and the Rockies and understand how to design the best experiences.

When asked why it’s important to support local, Guruasish responded,

“Local businesses are the lifeblood of any place. They help create and maintain the local community and help one another in times of need. We all can only grow if we grow together”.

“Guelph, our home, is a beautiful city with so much potential for tourism and many stories and adventures to be planned. Our founder is also working with the Guelph Hiking Trail Club to unearth the hiking and ecotourism potential of the city”.

We also asked what makes Trek Nirvana unique.

Tours have a particular focus on culture, food, and hyper-personalized experiences. Trek Nirvana believes in crafting a personalized vacation and has guides and hike leaders who can curate the same for you on-ground.

“As someone who thoroughly enjoys travelling and being out in nature, I wanted to start something to help others find their nirvana outdoors. Trek Nirvana’s purpose is to reconnect people with Mother Nature, help to plan incredible vacations and make travel more sustainable!”

Trek Nirvana is working on a plan to promote tourism and other small businesses in Guelph. They are constantly working on adding more local adventures to the list, creating BIPOC-friendly guided hikes, and crafting a bike tour in Vietnam.

Visit for more information on their vast hiking adventures and follow Trek Nirvana’s travels on Facebook and Instagram.

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