Part Lot Control

After a plan of subdivision is registered, the City uses “Part Lot Control” to regulate further division of lots or blocks within that subdivision. The City must approve the transfer or sale of part of a lot within in a registered plan of subdivision.

Why apply for a Part Lot Control exemption?

The most common reason to apply for a Part Lot Control exemption is to allow semi-detached and townhouse lots once the buildings are under construction and unit-demising foundations or party walls are in place.

As long as the proposed lot division does not require new roads and services, and/or would not change the nature or character of the subdivision or the current lot pattern, property owners can also apply for a Part Lot Control exemption to:

  • divide land into smaller parcels
  • change lot lines;
  • create part lots from whole lots for semi-detached or on-street townhouse units;
  • correct title;
  • create an easement; or
  • create industrial or commercial lots

How to apply to for Part Lot Control exemption

We recommend you meet with Guelph’s planning to discuss your preliminary proposal. It’s not required, but we’re here to help you understand the process, and tell you what kinds of information, reports or documents you may need to include in your formal application to remove Part Lot Control.Please contact us to request an initial review meeting

519-822-1260 extension 5616
[email protected]

To avoid processing delays, please ensure your application package is complete. Your application should include:

Please submit your complete application package to:

Planning Services
City of Guelph
1 Carden Street
Guelph, ON N1H 3A1

Note: you can apply for any necessary building permits while we review your application. Construction can take place when you receive all required permits and approvals. Learn more about building permits at

Within two business days of receiving your application package we will confirm whether it is complete and assign a File Manager for your application.If your application is incomplete, we will tell you what additional information or materials are required.

Once your application is deemed complete, it typically takes about four weeks for the City to:

  • determine if the property is within a registered plan of subdivision
  • determine if the Site Plan is approved and shows any access easements
  • determine if the draft reference plan complies with zoning

We will contact you when your reference plan is approved. Then you can deposit the plan with Ontario Land Registry Office, and submit a copy of the deposited plan to the City. You will need:

  • Two printed on legal size 81/2” x 14” paper
  • Two full size drawings to scale
  • One digital copy (AutoCAD .dwg format)

When the reference plan is deposited with the Ontario Land registry Office, the City will draft a bylaw granting Part Lot Control exemption for the property.We will contact you when the Part Lot Control Exemption Bylaw is scheduled to be presented to City Council for consideration.

View a City Council Meeting schedule

If City Council approves the bylaw, we will notify you when the bylaw is registered on title at the Provincial Land Registry Office. We will send you a copy of the registered bylaw, and an invoice for the registration fee and any disbursements charged by the Province.

The Part Lot Control Exemption Bylaw will expire in three years. If you are unable to complete the transfer of lands within the three-year period, you can submit a request for an extension in writing to [email protected].


City of Guelph Part Lot Control exemption manual and application (pdf)
Download the Part Lot Control exemption application (pdf)