Development application forms, guidelines, templates and manuals

Development application forms and procedures

General – All development applications

Digital Submissions – Document and File Naming Conventions

Official plan amendment and/or zoning bylaw amendment, draft plan of subdivision Formal submission and/Pre-Submission application form(s)

Initial Planning Meeting Request Form

Mandatory Development Review Pre-consultation Meeting Request Form

Draft Plan of Subdivision Application Form

Application form for an Amendment to the Official Plan and/or Zoning Bylaw, Formal Submission and/Pre-Submission

Neighbourhood Meeting Terms of Reference

Draft plan of condominium

Draft Plan of Condominium Application Form and Procedure

Site plan control

Site Plan Initial Meeting Form

Site Plan Pre-Consultation Application Form (SPRC)

Site Plan Application Form

Site Plan User Guide (Procedure)

Site Plan Resubmission Guidance Document

Technical Site Plan Guidance Document

Ontario Building Code (OBC) Analysis

Sample Site Plan Agreement Template

Letter of Credit Template

Minor variance and consent

Committee of Adjustment information

Part lot control

Part Lot Control Exemption Application Form

Other applications and forms

Application for Servicing Capacity Check

Tree Removal Permit Application

Site Alteration Permit Bylaw and Application

Development guidelines, templates and manuals


Development Guidelines for Potentially Contaminated or Contaminated Sites

Development Engineering Manual (DEM) – October 2023

Traffic Impact Study (TIS) Guidelines

Guelph Noise Control Guidelines

Subdivision Assumption Guidance Manual

On-Site Engineering Cost Estimate Template

Right-of-Way (ROW) Cost Estimate Template


Facility Accessibility Design Manual (FADM)


Sustainable Development Checklist

Environmental Impact Study (EIS) GuidelinesBird-friendly Design Guideline

Wildlife Crossing Guideline

Tree Technical Manual

Urban design

Urban Design Brief Terms of Reference

Downtown Guelph Streetscape Manual, Built Form Standards and St. George’s Square Concept

Commercial Built Form Standards

Built Form Standards for Mid-Rise Buildings and Townhouses

Pedestrian level wind study

Pedestrian Level Wind Studies Terms of Reference

Sun and shadow study

Sun and Shadow Study Terms of Reference

Lighting (photometric) plans

Guidelines for Lighting Plans

Solid waste resources (multi-residential)

Multi-residential waste collection informationWaste Collection Guidelines for Multi-Residential DevelopmentsWaste Management Plan and Source Separation CommitmentSource water protection (SWP)

Source water protection for business, builders and developersSection 59 Policy Applicability Review Form (S. 59 PAR)Guidelines for Preparing Salt Management Plans

Wastewater Survey Report

Guidelines for Preparing Risk Management Plans