Development application fees and charges

Development Application fees will be increasing effective January 1, 2018. Refer to the Development Application Fee Bylaw (2017)20216 for details.

Effective January 19, 2017

Service or process Application fees
Official Plan Amendment Minor – $5,560
(site specific amendment, involves a minor policy change or exemption)

Major – $7,261
(land use change or major policy change or involves more than one property or large land holdings)
Draft Plan of Subdivision $7,949 plus $426 per hectare to a maximum $31,517 plus Plan of Subdivision Approval Fee
Plan of Subdivision Approval $14,310
(Phase 2 includes: Notice of Draft Approval, Subdivision Agreement, Drainage Plan Review, Subdivision Clearance, Correspondence)
Condominium Approval $4,117
Condominium Registration $1,173 (will apply to each phase of condominium registration)
Zoning By-law Amendment Minor – $3,967
(adding uses to an existing zone, temporary use, zone changes involving single or semi-detached dwellings, no change in zoning category)

Major – $7,949
(change in zoning category)

Development Approval Fees:
Minor – $795 (Phase 2 includes By-law preparation, Notice of Passing and Agreement, if necessary)
Major – $795 (Phase 2 includes same as above)
Combined applications Official Plan/Zoning By-law Amendment:
Minor – $8,744
Major – $13,510
Development Approval Fee: $795
(Phase 2 includes By-law preparation, Notice of Passing and Agreement, if necessary)

Plan of Subdivision/Zoning By-law Amendment:
Minor – $10,482 plus $426 per hectare
Major – $13,510 plus $426 per hectare
Development Approval Fees: Zoning – $795; Subdivision Approval – $14,310

Official Plan Amendment/Plan of Subdivision/Zoning By-law: 
Minor – $14,310 plus $426 per hectare to a maximum of $31,517
Major – $18,298 plus $426 per hectare to a maximum of $31,517
Development Approval Fees: Zoning – $795; Subdivision Approval – $14,310

Part Lot Control $1,524 plus $10.50 per lot
Site Plan Fees Residential: $132 per unit
Commercial/Office/Institutional: $2.52 per square metre (Gross Floor Area), minimum $315
Industrial: $1.57 per square metre (Gross Floor Area), minimum $315
Other: $320
As Built: $943
Site Plan Agreements: $795
Extension of Draft Approval $1,899
Resubmission/Deferral (involving re-circulation, re-advertising) $1,899
Removal of “H” Holding Designation $1,899
Extension of temporary use $2,388
Environmental Administration Fee (For applications requiring an Environmental Impact Study process) $795

Guelph development charges
Grand River Conservation Authority application review fees

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