Development application fees and charges

Effective January 19, 2017

Service or process Application fees
Official Plan Amendment Minor – $5,560
(site specific amendment, involves a minor policy change or exemption)

Major – $7,261
(land use change or major policy change or involves more than one property or large land holdings)
Draft Plan of Subdivision $7,949 plus $426 per hectare to a maximum $31,517 plus Plan of Subdivision Approval Fee
Plan of Subdivision Approval $14,310
(Phase 2 includes: Notice of Draft Approval, Subdivision Agreement, Drainage Plan Review, Subdivision Clearance, Correspondence)
Condominium Approval $4,117
Condominium Registration $1,173 (will apply to each phase of condominium registration)
Zoning By-law Amendment Minor – $3,967
(adding uses to an existing zone, temporary use, zone changes involving single or semi-detached dwellings, no change in zoning category)

Major – $7,949
(change in zoning category)

Development Approval Fees:
Minor – $795 (Phase 2 includes By-law preparation, Notice of Passing and Agreement, if necessary)
Major – $795 (Phase 2 includes same as above)
Combined applications Official Plan/Zoning By-law Amendment:
Minor – $8,744
Major – $13,510
Development Approval Fee: $795
(Phase 2 includes By-law preparation, Notice of Passing and Agreement, if necessary)

Plan of Subdivision/Zoning By-law Amendment:
Minor – $10,482 plus $426 per hectare
Major – $13,510 plus $426 per hectare
Development Approval Fees: Zoning – $795; Subdivision Approval – $14,310

Official Plan Amendment/Plan of Subdivision/Zoning By-law: 
Minor – $14,310 plus $426 per hectare to a maximum of $31,517
Major – $18,298 plus $426 per hectare to a maximum of $31,517
Development Approval Fees: Zoning – $795; Subdivision Approval – $14,310

Part Lot Control $1,524 plus $10.50 per lot
Site Plan Fees Residential: $132 per unit
Commercial/Office/Institutional: $2.52 per square metre (Gross Floor Area), minimum $315
Industrial: $1.57 per square metre (Gross Floor Area), minimum $315
Other: $320
As Built: $943
Site Plan Agreements: $795
Extension of Draft Approval $1,899
Resubmission/Deferral (involving re-circulation, re-advertising) $1,899
Removal of “H” Holding Designation $1,899
Extension of temporary use $2,388
Environmental Administration Fee (For applications requiring an Environmental Impact Study process) $795

Guelph development charges
Grand River Conservation Authority application review fees

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