One City. One Voice. Shared Purpose: The role of communications and engagement

Strategic communications and community engagement

At the City of Guelph, strategic communications and community engagement are critical functions that serve the public interest and ensure that City services meet community needs. It is through communications and engagement that the community has opportunities to share their hopes and concerns and provide input into the decisions that impact them. Strategic communications and engagement is deliberate, planned, data-driven, and research-informed work, evaluating what the City is doing against what’s needed, expected, and supported.

Now more than ever, the City of Guelph needs to focus on active listening so we’re able to respond to the changing and diverse needs of a world in constant flux.

The following principles for effective communications and engagement guide the City:

  • Audience-centric
  • Data-informed
  • Digital by design
  • Inclusive and accessible
  • Powered by stories
  • Purpose-driven
  • Results-based

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