One City. One Voice. Shared Purpose: Pillar 2, Elevate

Elevated efforts on listening and learning will allow us to keep improving how we communicate and engage. We strive to serve from a place of curiosity, innovation, and growth, and to support each other and our community members through empathy and understanding.

We aim to contribute to a culture of innovation and service excellence through internal communications by:

  • Uniting employees around our shared purpose
  • Contributing to organizational success through executive and leadership communications
  • Fostering stronger internal communication and collaboration

We’ll build on communications excellence by:

  • Developing a corporate narrative strategy and enhancing storytelling
  • Strengthening the City’s readiness to communicate and engage in times of crisis
  • Assessing and monitoring reputational risk
  • Enhancing the City’s interactions with media
  • Updating the City’s visual identity program
  • Establishing a performance measurement framework for communications and engagement
  • Committing to continuous learning

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