Preschool programs

COVID-19 Program information

Stay home if you are feeling ill. Masks are required when entering/exiting your programs. Social distancing will be maintained.

Proof of vaccination

As of September 22, all individuals aged 12 years or older (this includes adult users) attending an indoor recreation facility must provide original copy of identification (no photos, no copies accepted) and proof of vaccination or medical exemption for:

  • participating in a drop-in or registered recreation program;
  • watching/supervising a game or activity;
  • Using the washrooms or visiting customer service.

Anyone under 18 years older is exempt from providing proof of vaccination or medical exemption if participating in an organized sports program. This includes sports leagues and organized pick-up sports.

How to get your vaccine receipt

The province is working to roll out a digital vaccine certificate and exemption platform. Until then, you can carry or show your digital or paper vaccine receipt or medical exemption.

children's art supplies

Play is an essential element to every child’s healthy development. Our preschool programs enhance play using interactive free time, creative themes, and a supportive environment. Each program encourages children to build friendships, have fun, learn and grow. If your preschooler is attending a program without a caregiver, they must be potty trained.

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Program information

Our programming philosophy

We believe that recreation and sport programs make an important contribution to the healthy development of children. In support of this, the City of Guelph Recreation Services is committed to providing a positive, caring environment where children of all ages and abilities can participate in fun-filled programs that promote physical activity, positive self-esteem, friendships, creativity and learning through play. All of our program locations are fully accessible to meet the needs of all of our participants.

Our staff

Staff are selected for their enthusiasm, energy, experience working with children, knowledge of child development, and awareness of adapting programs for individuals with special needs.

Fee assistance for children

The City of Guelph partners with the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington to provide funding for children and youth to attend recreation programs, including registered programs, swimming lessons and camps. Confirmation of fee assistance must be secured before registering for City of Guelph programs.