Skating and shinny programs

person lacing up hockey skates

The City of Guelph offers lots of opportunities for skaters of all ages to take part in skating activities throughout the fall/winter season.

Skating and shinny

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Our skating programs include:

  • Public Skating: Everyone is welcome! This skate is a great way to socialize and skate with family and friends. Skate Aids are not permitted at this skate. Children 9 years and younger, must be supervised on ice, by a parent/guardian who is at least 12 years of age with sufficient skating ability.
  • Family Fun Skate: Skate at this quieter ice time geared towards families with small children aged 8 and under. Skate aids and hockey sticks are allowed.
  • Shinny programs: Hockey players benefit from drop-in, pick up hockey. Full equipment and helmets are mandatory. Goalies (maximum 2 per session) subsidized. Space is limited to 20 players and 2 goalies. Check-in is 10 minutes prior to start time. The City of Guelph will not be issuing jerseys this year. Please bring a light and dark jersey for play. Showers are not available.

Skating and shinny admissions can be purchased 72 hours in advance on a per visit or monthly basis. Check out our recreation and fitness passes information. There is a 24 person maximum capacity for all of the above skating programs.

Arena protocols

  • Self-screen prior to coming to the facility (
  • Stay home if you feel sick.
  • Park and Enter through the appropriate doors. Please review the West End Community Centre and Victoria Road Recreation Centre maps.
  • Please come as ready to skate as possible
  • Change rooms will be available for 10 min prior to and after the drop –in. Showers are not available.
  • Face coverings are required for anyone who comes into a City facility and can be removed prior to stepping on ice.
  • Please follow markers on the floor and benches.

Fee Assistance in Recreation (FAIR)

We offer a subsidy program to help adults and seniors on a limited income stay active with the Fee Assistance in Recreation (FAIR) program. The program helps subsidize the cost for recreation programs, swim passes, or other memberships. People who qualify can receive a discount on registration fees.

Learn to Skate programs

Learn basic skating skills in a fun, recreational environment. Skating skills are taught through both large and small group games, relays and activities. CSA skating or hockey approved helmets are mandatory. Participants will not be allowed on the ice without a proper helmet.

For children’s programs, progress reports are given out at the end of each session.

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CSA Approved helmets for skating or hockey are mandatory for this program. Bicycle helmets are not allowed. Your child will not be allowed on the ice without a proper fitting CSA approved hockey or skating helmet.

Skating apparel

Warm pants and a winter jacket are recommended to stay warm and comfortable while skating in the arenas. Even though it’s warm outside, it’s very cold in the arena.

Skaters may wear gloves or mitts.

Long scarves should not be worn on the ice as they can be dangerous.


Most inexpensive beginner outfits come with the blades mounted and are available from local department stores. The quality varies considerably with this line of skate, so the different brands should be examined with care. It is important to ensure the skate is the correct size and supports the ankles well. As well, newly purchased skates must be sharpened before you are able to skate on them.

Lace-up skates are best in order to fully support the ankle and foot bed. Please avoid the full plastic shelled skates, as they do not provide adequate support for the ankle.

Public Skating rules and guidelines

Safe skating is fun skating. Public Skating rules and guidelines for all ages:


  • Have fun and follow RZone rules
  • Respect and follow direction from Skate Patrol
  • Report any injuries or accidents to Skate Patrol
  • Maintain reasonable control of your speed, course, and direction
  • Children nine years and younger must be supervised by a parents/guardian must who is at least 12 years of age
  • CSA approved helmets are recommended during all skate programs
  • Customers with a disability are permitted to use assistive devices while accessing City of Guelph programs.

Do not

  • Bring pucks, sticks, strollers, skating aids, sleighs, toys, food, drink, headphones, or cell phones onto the ice surface.
  • Behave in a rough, aggressive, or inappropriate manner
  • Carry children or other items onto the ice