Hadati Creek: A critical link

Hadati Creek is a tributary in the Grand River Watershed. It acts as a highway for wildlife, connecting them to Clythe Creek, the Eramosa River, and eventually, Lake Erie.

In 2017, volunteers came together to restore the natural area around Hadati Creek. Invasive species like common buckthorn were removed and 1,007 native trees, shrubs and wildflowers were planted. The impact of that restoration work creates a healthy watershed – all the way to Lake Erie. Today, Hadati Creek is home to wildlife that eat, mate and interact with their neighbours right here.

Explore the native species of Hadati Creek and take steps to keep their habitat clean and green

  1. Keep the trails, creek and pond litter-free
  2. Report invasive species
  3. Don’t place your yard and garden waste in natural spaces

Some of the native species you can find in Hadati Creek are:

  • Monarch butterfly
  • Red tailed hawk
  • Eastern garter snake
  • Great blue heron
  • Eastern bumble bee