Ice special event information

Information for organizers

The following information has been compiled to assist you when planning your activities. A comprehensive list of requirements can be found online at

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact 519-837-5678 or [email protected].

Tournament convenors

Please provide a listing of your tournament convenors to the Events and Booking Coordinator at least one week prior to your event. Please include convenor name, the facility name, times they are on-site and a cell phone number where they can be reached. Your tournament convenor will be the point person for facility staff if there are any issues/concerns that arise on site.

Additionally, please provide a tournament schedule to the Events & Booking Coordinator once it has been finalized.

Licensed events

If you plan to sell or serve alcohol at your event, there are specific guidelines you must follow. The conditions are outlined in the City of Guelph Alcohol Risk Management Policy as well as requirements set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Requests for event with alcohol should be indicated on your Special Event Application or submitted at least four months prior to the event to allow for the necessary approvals to be obtained.

Depending on whether your event is private or public, you will be required to obtain a Special Occasion Permit from the LCBO or hire a caterer who has a catering endorsement.

Serving or selling food

Special permission to bring food may be required at some locations because of pre-existing food licences.

If you are serving or selling food to the public, you will be required to complete a Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Special Event Organizer Application form available in the Forms and Permits section of Return this form to [email protected]   at least 60 days prior to your event and an inspector may be in touch regarding approvals/conditions.

For inspection purposes, the City of Guelph notifies Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health of dates and locations of events that are providing food service.

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

SOCAN is a not-for-profit organization that represents the Canadian performing rights of millions of Canadian and international music creators and publishers. If you have live or recorded music as part of your event, you require a SOCAN performing rights license. The costs associated with licenses are the responsibility of the event organizer and will be recovered as part of your rental fees.

Visit for more information. The City of Guelph notifies SOCAN of events with live or recorded music.

Working with vendors

Vendors must be pre-approved by the City’s Licensing Division to ensure there are no conflicts with existing business agreements and to maintain consistency with the City of Guelph Corporate Values.

Provide a complete listing of vendors with their contact information to the City’s Events and Bookings Coordinator, including contact information and details of products/services offered at least four weeks prior to the event.

Ensure all vendors are familiar and comply with the City of Guelph by-laws, requirements and legislation.

Food vendors intending to sell or serve food to the public must submit a Special Event Vendor Application to Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health 30 days prior to your event. This application is available in the Forms & Permits section online at

Vendors on site are the responsibility of the event/tournament organizer. The City of Guelph strongly encourages event organizers working with vendors to protect themselves by ensuring vendors have appropriate insurance coverage.

Accident prevention/emergency planning

The best way to deal with an accident is to prevent it. It is recommended the event organizers develop emergency procedures/plan before the event and makes sure all staff, volunteers, vendors, security and anyone else on site are familiar with it.

Your emergency plan should be based on the nature of your event, activities proposed, and any other specific details that may be relevant.

It’s important to note where you can access facility staff that are able to assist in the event of an emergency.
During an emergency, event organizers are to follow the fire plan in place at each facility and are to take direction from staff on duty.

Submit your plan to the City’s Events and Booking Coordinator at least seven days prior to your event.

For large scope events or events involving high-risk activities, It is suggested that organizers arrange for a certified first aid service (i.e. St. John’s Ambulance) to be onsite during the operating hours of the event.

Insurance requirements

Proof of insurance coverage and a signed waiver are required for all events happening on City of Guelph property.

Event organizers will provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance to the City’s Event and Booking Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the event. Please ensure that:

  • The City of Guelph is named as an additional insured on the Certificate of Insurance.
  • The type of insurance coverage is comprehensive general liability, inclusive of bodily injury and property damage, in a minimum amount of $2 million per occurrence. (Events may be required to obtain a higher amount, depending on the scope of event and activities).
  • If you do not have an insurance provider or would like to purchase insurance through the City of Guelph’s provider, a quote can be requested.
  • Licensed events must also obtain Host Liquor Liability Insurance.


Requests for additional amenities (ie tables, chairs, electrical access, A/V equipment must be indicated on request form at the time of application.