Goods Movement Strategy

About the project

In January 2022, Council approved the updated Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to create a sustainable and resilient transportation network over the next 30 years. The City recognizes the importance of the safe and efficient movement of goods for Guelph’s economic livelihood and regional competitiveness. A recommendation of the City’s TMP is the development of a Goods Movement Strategy that will identify routing, design, and policy recommendations to improve mobility for goods movement today and into the future.

The City’s existing freight movement system consists of truck and rail freight operating on facilities owned by multiple parties (the City of Guelph, Ministry of Transportation, Guelph Junction Railway, Metrolinx, and Canadian National Railway). Other categories of goods movement on Guelph’s network include light duty vehicles (vans, pick-up trucks, etc.,) and personal vehicles like Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes, etc.

Through this project, the City will review and confirm the goods movement network for trucks, trains and delivery vans in Guelph. The study will consider unique elements specific to Guelph. These include the role of the Guelph Junction Railway in moving freight through the city. It will also consider Downtown measures to accommodate goods movement through road design and regulations. The study will also look at ways to support new courier networks. It will research effective curbside management practices and technologies. It will also stay up to date on new delivery tech that may appear over the next few decades and their effects (e.g. drones, autonomous vehicles).

Project objective

The project objective is to connect Guelph’s industries and businesses to the surrounding region and the North American freight system. This will help the safe, efficient, and sustainable movement of raw materials and finished products. The GMS will consider ways to offset harms, like road safety and greenhouse gas emissions from heavy vehicles. They will do this while allowing safe and efficient delivery and pick up of materials.


Throughout this project, the City will be engaging with businesses and organizations of various types and sizes. The goal is to develop strategies that consider their current and future goods movement needs. The project team is also analyzing statistics and data sets to understand current trends and project future needs. The process includes an industry scan of best practices amongst other municipalities.

Proposed project schedule

  • September 2023: Project initiation
  • September to December 2023: Collect and review background information
  • November 2023 to April 2024: Develop and implement communications and engagement plan
  • January to May 2024: Data collection and identification of current conditions and trends
  • May to June 2024: Develop recommended actions, investments and priorities
  • July 2024: Prepare final Goods Movement Strategy document

For more information

Daniel Di Pietro, Project Manager
Engineering and Transportation Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3607
[email protected]