Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in Guelph

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) aims to move people and goods safely, efficiently and sustainably across Ontario to improve quality of life and support a globally competitive economy.

MTO has the following projects underway that affect Guelph.

Full Road Closure on Highway 6

Between Maltby Rd and Wellington 34

There’s going to be temporary full-lane closure on Highway 6, from Wellington 34 Road to Maltby Road from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. on Tuesday, July 11, and Wednesday, July 12. The Ministry of Transportation will be launching girders for the Hanlon expressway project. Regular daily lane closures will continue from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on those days as well.

Expansion of Highway 6 from North of Freelton to Maltby Road

Traffic on the Hanlon Expressway will be maintained for the majority of construction, with some temporary lane closures required. It is expected that construction will be completed by late 2025.

MTO is planning a realignment of Highway 6 (Hanlon Expressway) between Maltby Road and Maddaugh Road. This work includes:

  • Widening of Highway 401 from 6 lanes to 10 lanes between the interchange with the new Highway 6 North alignment (Hanlon Expressway) to Highway 6 South (Brock Road/Wellington Road 46),
  • Construction of three (3) new interchanges and improvements to the Highway 401 and Highway 6 (Hanlon Expressway) interchange and the Highway 401/Brock Road interchange,
  • Three (3) new overpass structures and eight (8) underpass structures, and
  • Construction of a local connection road in the Township of Puslinch.

Implications for Guelph include the closure of Maltby Road at the Hanlon Expressway, and redirecting access to the Hanlon via Concession Road 7 to a new interchange approximately mid-way between Wellington Road 34 and Maltby Road/Concession Road 4.

Phase 1 of this project was completed in 2019-2020, which included the replacement of the Concession Road 7 Bridge over Highway 401.

Picture of highway

Phase 2 includes:

  • the construction of a new interchange on Highway 6 North (Hanlon Expressway) between Maltby Road and Wellington Road 34,
  • removal of the signalized intersection at Highway 6 North and Maltby Road,
  • replacement of the signalized intersection at Highway 6 North and Wellington Road 34 with a new overpass on Wellington Road 34 at Highway 6 North, and
  • improvements to Concession Road 7.

Map of study area

MTO awarded the design-build contract in early 2022 for the Hanlon-Expressway interchange to Dufferin Construction.

Construction has begun on the new bridge abutments and piers, a new connector road to Concession 7 and Wellington Road 34, and drainage improvements. The remaining work includes:

  • Removal of the signalized intersection on the Highway 6 / Hanlon Expressway at Wellington Road 34 and the addition of a new bridge over the Hanlon Expressway;
  • Reconstruction of Concession Road 7, between Wellington Road 34 and Maltby Road;
  • Closure of the Maltby Road / Concession Road 4 intersection at Highway 6 / Hanlon Expressway;
  • A new roundabout at the Wellington Road 34 / Concession Road 7 intersection;
  • Installation of new overhead sign structures, traffic signals and partial illumination; and,
  • Emergency and maintenance vehicle turnarounds along the Hanlon Expressway (one north of Maltby Road and one south of Wellington Road 34).

Traffic on the Hanlon Expressway will be maintained for the majority of construction, with some temporary lane closures required. It is expected that construction will be completed by late 2025.

This information is available on MTO’s project website at for a 30-day public review period from June 22 to July 21, 2023.

MTO is currently reviewing opportunities for the next phases of the Highways 6 and 401 improvements project. Once that has been confirmed, the timelines and details will be announced. The ministry is continuing all necessary field work and design to complete this project.

New Highway 7 between Kitchener and Guelph

The new Highway 7 between Kitchener and Guelph will connect Highway 85 in Kitchener with Highway 6 (Hanlon Expressway) in Guelph by a new 18 km four-lane freeway. In Guelph, the project includes a new interchange at Woodlawn Road/Silvercreek Parkway and the Hanlon Expressway, and municipal road improvements to enhance traffic operations.

Map of highway

The project is being completed in phases. Phase 1 is complete.

Phase 2 includes the construction of two bridges over the Grand River, with construction subject to approvals and funding availability. All work is planned for Waterloo Region.

Phase 3 includes the construction of new Highway 7 between Kitchener and Guelph that will connect all remaining work between Kitchener and Guelph. In Guelph, Phase 3 includes:

  • Highway 6 (Hanlon Parkway) and Woodlawn Road interchange in Guelph (anticipated start late 2023 subject to agreement with Guelph Junction Railway and CN Rail)
  • Guelph Junction Railway modifications (anticipated late 2023 subject to agreement with Guelph Junction Railway and CN Rail)
  • Species at Risk (SAR) Bird habitat enhancement (outside the city of Guelph) started in 2022
  • Species at Risk (SAR) Bat habitat enhancement (outside of the city of Guelph) anticipated start 2023 subject to environmental approvals

Other work underway for Phase 3 includes updating the natural, social and cultural environmental conditions to ensure the original environmental assessment (EA) reflects current conditions and developing mitigation measures; undertaking detailed soil and foundation investigations and analysis; and continuing detailed engineering work.

City of Guelph staff are aware the work for Woodlawn Road and Guelph Junction Railway is delayed to late 2023 and continue to meet with MTO regularly to ensure the project moves forward.

Highway 6 from Guelph north city limits to Wellington Road 7

This project is scheduled for 2023 and includes the rehabilitation of approximately 4.2 km of Highway 6 and minor safety and operational improvements from Woodlawn Road in Guelph to Wellington Road 7, just north of Marden.

Highway 6 (Hanlon Expressway) from Speed River to Maltby Road

This project’s preliminary design review and detailed design study include a plan to:

  • upgrade the section of Highway 6 within the study limits to a controlled access freeway,
  • replace the intersection at Kortright Road/Downy Road with a partial interchange (Highway 6 access to and from the south only),
  • replace the intersection at Stone Road with a full interchange,
  • replace the intersection at College Avenue with a bridge at Highway 6 (no connection to the highway), and
  • other associated improvements.

Scheduling of construction will follow the completion of the design, property acquisition, utility relocation work, obtaining all environmental approvals and funding. For updates on the project please visit the project website.

Map of study area

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