blueW – Water bottle refill locations

What is blueW?

blueW is a community-based program that promotes access to municipal drinking water at local stores, restaurants and businesses, that allow residents and visitors to refill a reusable bottle with clean, safe, refreshing tap water, at no cost. Participating locations can be found on the blueW map below or simply look for the blueW sticker in the windows of participating businesses.

The City of Guelph is working with blueW to make it easy for people to enjoy Guelph’s safe and reliable drinking water and reduce waste generated from disposable water bottles.


Map of water refill locations

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Join other Guelph shops, restaurants and businesses and provide visitors access to refill reusable bottles.

Tap water on the move!

Don’t forget! We also have the Water Wagon for water refills at large community events in the warmer season.

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Guelph’s water supply

Did you know that Guelph is the largest Canadian city to rely almost exclusively on groundwater for its drinking water supply? Learn more about where our water comes from and how we protect it!

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We have no control over your bottle refilling experience at any given refill location. Your experience will depend on the staff working at the location, the time of day, the cycles of the moon and many other things beyond our powers to influence. staff cannot guarantee you will have a positive experience at any location listed on the website. We cannot be held liable if you experience an illness or other negative reactions as a consequence of visiting any refill location listed in the website.

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