Fire Services – public education

Fire Prevention offers a variety of community fire safety programs for various groups, agencies and associations throughout Guelph. Programs address fire safety at home in a house, condo or apartment and in workplaces such as schools, offices, factories and stores. Public fire safety educators work closely with local school boards and are available and eager to make presentations to the community.

Fire Safety Programs

School program

We present grade-specific Fire and Safety Programs for School-age children from K to 6. Children will acquire the basic skills necessary to respond promptly and effectively when confronted with fire. They will acquire proper attitudes which will aid in appropriate behaviour in the act of dealing with fire situations. HAZARD HOUSE SIMULATOR and 9-1-1 telephone simulator are demonstrated during the presentations.

English as a Second Language Program

This program provides fire safety in a manner suited for new Canadians where there may be a language barrier. This is language-level oriented from a basic level to intermediate and advance.

Disability program

Information is available to special needs people on what are available to assist them as to what to do when fire occurs.

Seniors Older and Wiser Program

Reminds older adults that they are at risk and is a refresher program on what safety precautions they should be taking.


Teach these groups fire safety and related information. The basics of fire safety are taught to the Guides/Scouts and Cubs/Brownies. The chemistry of fire is introduced to the groups with some hands on training on the use of Fire Extinguishers.


Educate babysitting age children about fire safety and what to know if an emergency occurs while they are babysitting. This involves Fire Safety, Plan your Escape and dangers in and around a dwelling. This reinforces some of the points that they have been taught in the School Program.

Fire Setters – Guelph Arson Prevention Program for Children (GAPP-C)

Talk to and teach adolescents who have a fascination with fire about the dangers of fire. This program is recommended for children who have set fires within or outside their home. Children can be recommended for this program by Parents, Schools, And Social workers etc. if they feel there may be a danger of the child harming themselves or someone else. This is a one-on-one program with participation by the parents.

Extinguisher Training

Knowledge on the use and types of extinguishers with information given on the types of fires that you may encounter. The sessions involve a lecture on extinguisher and ends with a hands on training session for the participants. Live fires are used in a controlled environment.

The Fire Prevention Division also offers educational programs to Industrial Groups, Neighborhood Groups and other groups as requested. Some sessions we suggest a minimum of 12 participants.

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