Mid-rise and townhouse built form standards

The City of Guelph has developed Built Form Standards for Mid-rise Buildings and Townhouses to provide design direction for private development of these types of buildings throughout the city. This document provides recommendations for a future update to the City’s Zoning Bylaw and will be incorporated as part of the City’s Urban Design Manual.

The guidelines also provide sufficient direction to architects, developers and City staff to assist in the evaluation of urban design briefs, site-specific Zoning Bylaw amendments and planning applications.

Built Form Standards for Mid-rise Buildings and Townhouses (April 2018)
On April 9, 2018 the Mid-rise and Townhouse Built Form Standards were approved by Council. View the staff report (Page 6, April 9, 2018 Council agenda).

Study components

Based on Official Plan Update (OPA 48), these built form standards provide clear directions and criteria for the design of new townhouse and mid-rise buildings across the city (with the exception of the Downtown, which is subject to the Downtown Built Form Standards. This includes building height and massing, landscaping and open space, amenity space, and parking and access.

Mid-rise buildings are generally considered to be between four and six storeys in height and may be mixed-use or single-use residential buildings. The project will also address the different types of townhouse developments.

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