Commercial built form standards

Through this project, the City will use urban design tools to manage change and guide commercial development within Guelph. The focus of this work is to develop standards for a mid-sized city that is intensifying and moving towards more mixed use developments.

The resulting document will be incorporated as part of the City’s Urban Design Manual and will be used by City staff when evaluating proposals for future development. It will also provide the basis and provide recommendations the Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review with respect to this type of development.

Study components

Based on the Guelph’s Official Plan, these built form standards will provide clear directions and criteria for the design of new commercial and mixed use buildings across the city (with the exception of the Downtown, which is subject to the Downtown Built Form Standards).

The Commercial Built Form Standards will:

  • consider opportunities associated with neighbourhood commercial, main street commercial, larger commercial sites, mixed use development and service commercial uses;
  • provide recommendations related to best practices in built form and public realm design;
  • provide solutions to ensure that new development is compatible with the local context; and,
  • be tested and adapted throughout the process through the creation of demonstration plan concepts.


7 MBPreliminary design directions – 2019 9 MBPublic Open House Display Boards – March 6, 2019

For more information

David de Groot, Senior Urban Designer
Planning and Building Services
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