Ward West Heritage Conservation District Study

About the study

The City is in the process of conducting a heritage conservation district study for the ward west neighbourhood.

The More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 significantly altered the structure of municipal heritage registers. As a direct result of these modifications, all properties currently listed on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties must be removed by January 1, 2025. Approximately 80% of the City’s identified heritage properties will lose their heritage status and associated protections.

In 2023, Council directed staff to expedite the evaluation of the ward west for designation as a heritage conservation district, which would safeguard the neighbourhood’s heritage resources and cultural heritage landscapes.

Why is it called the “Ward West?”

The “Ward West” was used in the Cultural Heritage Action Plan to differentiate this area from the other cultural heritage landscapes in the Ward. The study area covers the historical core of what has been known at various times as East Ward, St. Patrick’s Ward, Ward One, or simply The Ward. The study phase will engage the public to determine what a heritage district in this area should be called.

Community engagement

An open house is planned for June 27, 2024 at the Italian Canadian Club to gather feedback on what the community believes are the most important buildings, landscapes, and characteristics of the study area.

Study area

The study area was identified in the City’s Cultural Heritage Action Plan as a candidate cultural heritage landscape, and is roughly bounded by the Eramosa River to the South, Speed River to the West, Huron Street to the East, and Duke and Alice Streets to the North.

Map showing a boundary roughly bounded by the Eramosa River to the South, Speed River to the West, Huron Street to the East, and Duke and Alice Streets to the North.

Project phases

This project is divided into two phases, each including both technical and community engagement activities.

Phase 1: Heritage Conservation District Study

The purpose of the Phase 1 Study is to determine if the Ward West Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study area merits designation as a heritage conservation district in accordance with the Ontario Heritage, provincial guidelines, and municipal policies. The study phase will include detailed background research and community engagement.

The Phase 1 Study will assess the historical, design and contextual value of the study area; identify contributing and non-contributing properties and resources, review existing policy framework in the area. Additionally, the Phase 1 Study will include community engagement to help the project team further understand the community’s experience of the area and inform the recommended heritage conservation district boundary.

Phase 2: Heritage Conservation District Plan

Should Council approve the recommendations of the Phase 1 Study, Phase 2 would commence and begin the preparation of a HCD Plan and guidelines in accordance with Part V, Section 41 of the Ontario Heritage Act. The plan would build on the recommendations of the study and provide guidelines for managing change in ways that highlight and conserve the distinct cultural heritage character of the area.


A report detailing the results of the Phase 1 Study will be brought forward for Council consideration in early 2025.

For more information

Please contact the Project Manager for the HCD Study for more information

Jack Mallon, Heritage Planner
Planning and Building Services; Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services
519-822-1260 extension 3872
[email protected]