Heritage planning: frequently asked questions

Is my property on the heritage register?

All cultural heritage resources in Guelph recognized under the Ontario Heritage Act is available in the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Resources.

How does the City protect heritage properties?

The Provincial Policy Statement, the Ontario Heritage Act and the City of Guelph Official Plan provide a framework to protect significant cultural heritage resources through designation in order for their cultural heritage value is maintained.

When do I need a heritage permit?

Alterations to protected heritage attributes require a heritage permit.

Can I alter, demolish or remove my heritage property?

Only a designated heritage property will require a heritage permit for alterations. Demolition or removal of a designated or listed heritage property will require Council’s approval. Contact Heritage Planning for more information.

Can I attend a Heritage Guelph Committee meeting?

Heritage Guelph meetings are open to the public. The schedule is available online.

What does a heritage designation not do?

Designation does not:

  • prohibit or negatively affect the sale of a designated property. Some studies have even shown that designation actually positively affects resale value.
  • oblige the owner to restore and maintain the building beyond what is expected of any property owner.
  • affect the permitted uses of the property (under zoning).
  • prohibit the development or alteration of the property, but approval may be required if changes impact heritage attributes.
  • permit public access to your property.