Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties

Guelph’s official list of culturally or historically important properties is called the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties. The heritage register helps the City keep track of cultural heritage resources and plan for their conservation.

The register includes key information about the buildings, structures, landscapes and districts designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

The heritage register also includes information about all non-designated properties that may have cultural heritage value or interest. Property owners planning to remove or demolish or a building or structure on these properties must give the City at least 60 days to consider whether long-term protection of the property should be sought through formal designation process.

Listing a property as non-designated on the heritage register does not impact the process for building renovations, and does not necessarily mean the property will be designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Making changes to the heritage register

Property owners who feel that information included on the heritage register is incorrect or that a property does not have cultural or heritage value can apply to have the listing corrected or removed.

Municipal Register Review Process

Municipal Register Application Form