Cultural Heritage Action Plan

The Cultural Heritage Action Plan (CHAP) was approved by City Council on January 25, 2021.

About the plan

The City of Guelph’s Cultural Heritage Action Plan (CHAP) identifies cultural heritage landscapes (CHLs) within the city and prioritizes actions to conserve, promote and provide incentives for cultural heritage resources. The CHAP provides advice to help direct staff efforts and contains information to assist Guelph City Council as they make decisions that relate to cultural heritage conservation. The CHAP provides direction for the long-term workplan for the City to fulfill its Official Plan objectives.

What are cultural heritage resources?

Cultural heritage resources consist of archaeological resources, built heritage resources or cultural heritage landscapes (CHL). (Source: City of Guelph Official Plan)

Examples of designated cultural heritage landscapes in Guelph are the Homewood, the Marcolongo Farm and the Brooklyn and College Hill Heritage Conservation District (HCD).

The CHAP identified the following three candidate cultural heritage landscapes for a heritage conservation district study: Exhibition Park (CCHL-10), St. George’s Park (CCHL-15) and the Ward West (CCHL-23).

Council approved the initiation of a Heritage Conservation District Study for the Ward West candidate CHL which implements Policy of the Downtown Secondary Plan, to investigate the potential for St. Patrick’s Ward to be designated under the Ontario Heritage Act as a heritage conservation district.


For more information

Stephen Robinson, Senior Heritage Planner
Planning and Building Services
[email protected]


The CHAP Background Report (2018)  was presented to Council as an information report on August 31, 2018.