Bylaw compliance

Have a question about a City bylaw?

Bryan - by-law staffDo you have questions or concerns about parking, signs, outdoor water use, business licensing, littering, dumping, noise, animal control, or park issues?

Call Guelph’s Bylaw Compliance office at 519-837-2529, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or visit the How Can We Help You to report problems online.

Bylaw Compliance Officer Code of Conduct

City of Guelph Bylaw Compliance Officers work to meet the Operations Department Mission Statement, providing customer service excellence, contributing to a desirable community in which to live, work and play. They conduct themselves in keeping with the City of Guelph Corporate Values when interacting with their customers and colleagues.

We demonstrate integrity as we:

  • are accountable for and take ownership of our actions, recognizing we are highly visible to the public
  • are professional in our appearance and communication
  • act within the scope of our authority and apply the law fairly
  • are honest, upfront and trustworthy
  • show understanding and use discretion in responding to others’ needs
  • commit to performing our assigned duties and representing the City and our profession

We demonstrate excellence as we:

  • are open to and develop innovative approaches to our work
  • take initiative and show leadership in a planned approach to our work
  • manage our time well, being responsive to service requests
  • treat resources and equipment well, using it to deliver service effectively
  • adapt to the various needs of service requests, customers, and continual change

We demonstrate wellness as we:

  • are respectful and considerate of others
  • prioritize safety for ourselves and others in our approach
  • support the well-being of our colleagues and cohesiveness of our team
  • take pride in our work and promote our profession

Body-worn cameras

Bylaw compliance officers wear body-worn cameras on duty, in an effort to increase transparency, strengthen community wellbeing by increasing trust and comfort with enforcement and create a sense of safety and accountability with the community.

Footage from the cameras will be used to:

  • maintain transparency and trust with the community, colleagues and partner agencies,
  • enhance accountability,
  • provide accurate evidence for legal investigations, and
  • provide resources for training purposes.

We’re working to ensure confidentiality is maintained for anyone whose image is captured.

When will body-worn cameras be used?

Body-worn cameras (BWCs) are capable of both audio and video recording and are used to record interactions between Bylaw Compliance Officers and members of the public during investigative and enforcement activities. Bylaw Compliance Officers will turn on their BWC when arriving at a call for service or when initiating any investigative contact and will turn off their BWC when the call for service or investigation is complete. In certain situations, BWCs may be temporarily stopped (e.g. to avoid recording circumstances of a sensitive nature such as medical treatment) or turned off if the officer is no longer engaged in enforcement activities or interacting with members of the public. BWCs are intended to record specific incidents and are not used for general surveillance.

How will I know if a body-worn camera is recording?

Unless they believe that it could compromise officer/public safety or jeopardize an investigation, Bylaw Compliance Officers will verbally notify any person(s) they interact with that recording is taking place. Officers will wear their BWC in plain view and the camera has lights indicating when it has been activated.

How long are recordings kept?

Recordings are kept in accordance with the retention periods set out in the Body-Worn Cameras Policy.

  • Evidentiary recordings are retained for a minimum of two (2) years plus one (1) day.
  • Non-evidentiary recordings are retained for a minimum of sixty (60) days.

How to request access to a recording

Requests to view or receive a copy of a BWC recording will be processed in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you would like to request access to a BWC recording, please contact:

Information and Access Coordinator
519-822-1260 extension 2349
[email protected]

If you have submitted a request that was denied in whole or in part and you would like to submit an appeal, please review the IPC’s filing an appeal guidance or contact:

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON   M4W 1A8
[email protected]

Questions or complaints

For more information about the use and operation of BWCs, please review the Body-Worn Camera Policy.

If you have questions or concerns about the use or lack of use of body-worn cameras, please contact:

Manager, Corporate and Community Safety
519-822-1260 extension 3475
[email protected]

Body-Worn Cameras Policy