Bylaw enforcement

Have a question about a City bylaw?

Bryan - by-law staffDo you have questions or concerns about parking, signs, outdoor water use, business licensing, littering, dumping, noise, animal control, or park issues?

Call Guelph’s Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement office at 519-837-2529, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or visit the How Can We Help You page to report problem online.

Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement Officer Code of Conduct

City of Guelph Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement Officers work to meet the Operations Department Mission Statement, providing customer service excellence, contributing to a desirable community in which to live, work and play. They conduct themselves in keeping with the City of Guelph Corporate Values when interacting with their customers and colleagues.

We demonstrate integrity as we:

  • are accountable for and take ownership of our actions, recognizing we are highly visible to the public
  • are professional in our appearance and communication
  • act within the scope of our authority and apply the law fairly
  • are honest, up front and trustworthy
  • show understanding and use discretion in responding to others’ needs
  • commit to performing our assigned duties and representing the City and our profession

We demonstrate excellence as we:

  • are open to and develop innovative approaches to our work
  • take initiative and show leadership in a planned approach to our work
  • manage our time well, being responsive to service requests
  • treat resources and equipment well, using it to deliver service effectively
  • adapt to the various needs of service requests, customers, and continual change

We demonstrate wellness as we:

  • are respectful and considerate of others
  • prioritize safety for ourselves and others in our approach
  • support the well-being of our colleagues and cohesiveness of our team
  • take pride in our work and promote our profession