Residential additions

Building a residential addition

As a home owner, you’re allowed to prepare the drawings for your project.  However, you’ll need to be familiar with any codes and by-laws applicable to your project.

Additions can be quite complex, and often require the services of a qualified designer. If you’re not familiar with the Building Code, or any applicable by-laws (including the Zoning By-law), you may need to hire a qualified designer.

Zoning regulations

The zoning by-law regulates the use of land, including the distance required to property lines. If you are unsure of what the zoning regulations are for your project, please contact Zoning Services by email at [email protected] or by calling 519-837-5615.

Applying for a building permit


Building permit applications are required to be submitted online. Please create an account on the Guelph Permit and Application System. Please ensure to have your drawings ready prior to applying. The drawings must be attached in vector-based PDF format (i.e. created electronically, not scanned). All files must be unsecured and not password protected.

The person taking responsibility for the design is required to complete Schedule 1: designer information.

An Energy Efficiency Design Summary (EEDS) form is also required to be submitted.  This form is typically completed by the designer.


All drawings must be drawn to a recognized scale (e.g.: ¼” = 1’-0”) and dimensioned to the outside of exterior walls.  Single line drawings will not be accepted.

The following drawings are required to be submitted:

  • A survey or site plan illustrating the lot width and depth, the location of the proposed addition (including setbacks to property lines), the size of the addition, and all existing buildings or structures on the property
  • Foundation plan of the addition and the existing house
  • All floor plans of the addition and the existing house
  • Roof framing plan or truss layout of the addition
  • Engineered floor system layout (if applicable)
  • All elevations
  • Building and/or wall section(s)


Please visit for the current fee schedule.

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