Garages, sheds and gazebos

Accessory structures (greater than 10 square meters/107 square feet)

Includes sheds, detached garages and gazebos
Accessory Structures Handout Package

Requirements to obtain a building permit for accessory structures

  • Permit Application Form (complete and signed)
  • All applicable fees
  • A survey plan/site plan drawn to scale, illustrating the following:
    • All existing buildings/structures
    • Lot width and lot depth
    • Proposed location of accessory structure(s) indicating setbacks to all property lines
    • Size of accessory structure(s)
  • The following working drawings, drawn to scale:
    • Foundation plan
    • Floor plan
    • All elevations
    • Cross section


All accessory buildings must comply with Zoning regulations regardless of whether a building permit is required or not. These requirements include:

  • Cannot be in a front or required exterior side yard
  • Must be setback a minimum of 0.6 metres (2 feet) from the property line
  • Cannot occupy more than 30% of the yard it is located in
  • Cannot exceed 3.6 metres (11 feet, 10 inches) in height and;
  • Cannot exceed 70 square metres (753 square feet) in area

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