Decks and porches

A building permit is required for most decks


Building permits are required for decks where the floor is higher than .6 metres (2 feet) above finished grade at any point.

Residential Homeowners Guide to Building Permits


Zoning regulates how close your deck can be to your property lines. Zoning regulations apply to decks whether or not a permit is required.

Regulations for decks vary depending on:

  • the zone,
  • the yard the deck is located in and
  • the design of the deck (height, roofed).

Building requirements for decks

Information Required for Building Permit Guard System 1 Decks – Guard System 2 Decks – Privacy Guard Detail Decks – Beam and Post Connection Detail

Zoning Requirements for Decks

Uncovered Porch/Deck (not more than 1.2 metres above finished grade) Uncovered Porch/Deck (more than 1.2 metres above finished grade) Open Roofed Porch/Deck Zoning Requirements for Balconies
Sample Site Plan

General information

  • Call utilities before you dig for the location of underground services.

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