Financial reports

Consolidated financial statements

2019 Consolidated Financial Statements2018 Consolidated Financial Statements2017 Consolidated Financial Statements2016 Consolidated Financial Statements

Council remuneration reports

2019 Council Remuneration Report2018 Council Remuneration Report2017 Council Remuneration Report2016 Council Remuneration Report

Corporate Financial Performance Dashboard

2018 Corporate Financial Performance Measures Dashboard2017 Corporate Financial Performance Measures Dashboard2016 Performance Measures Report Card

Investment reports

2020 Interim Investment Performance Report

2019 Year-end Investment Performance Report2019 Interim Investment Performance Report2018 Year-end Investment Performance Report2017 Year-end Investment Performance Report2016 Year-end Investment Performance Report

Operating variance reports

2020 Q2 Operating Variance Report

2020 Q1 Operating Variance Report

2019 Year-end Operating Variance Report and Surplus Allocation

2019 Q3 Operating Variance Report2019 Q2 Operating Variance Report2019 Q1 Operating Variance Report2018 Year-end Operation Variance Report and Surplus2017 Operating Variance Report and Surplus and Deficit Allocation2016 Operating Variance Report and Surplus and Deficit Allocation

Capital variance reports

1st 2020 Tri-annual Capital Variance Report2019 Year-end Capital Variance Report2nd 2019 Tri-annual Capital Variance Report1st 2019 Tri-annual Capital Variance Report2018 Year-end Capital Variance Report2017 Year-end Capital Variance Report

Reserve and reserve fund statements

2019 Reserve and Reserve Fund Report

2018 General Reserve and Reserve Fund Report

2017 Reserve and Reserve Fund Statement

2016 Reserve and Reserve Fund Statement

Municipal studies

2019 Final Municipal Study Guelph2018 Final Municipal Study Guelph2017 Final Municipal Study Guelph