Powering our future

Powering our Future

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Strategic Plan initiatives and measures


  • Accelerate Guelph’s innovation economy through partnerships
  • Help businesses to succeed and add value to the community
  • Support businesses as they adapt to changing workforce needs


  • Number of new businesses and collaborations with priority innovative sectors
  • Percentage of businesses reporting Guelph as a good place to do business

Included in this priority

2021 to 2024 budget Impacts

  • Implementation of economic development strategy including last step of funding for Community Improvement Plans
  • Development of a Tourism Rebuild Strategy – indefinite pause on implementation of a Municipal Accommodation Tax, proposed one-time emergency funding program for businesses in the tourism sector to assist with impact of COVID
  • City-owned fibre network that will reduce operating wifi/internet costs, provide the infrastructure backbone for enhanced digital services like community hotspots on transit and offer an opportunity for partnerships and revenue generation


Total operating budget for Powering our Future

Total capital budget for Powering our Future

Total corporate budget requests for Powering our Future