Building our Future: Transportation Systems

Capital Programs of Work

Transportation Systems


This program of work captures the City-wide transportation system assets valued at over $1.2 billion which is the City’s largest asset portfolio. This program of work focuses on restoration, renewal and resurfacing, expansion to accommodate growth, technology upgrades and service improvements as supported through the City’s master plans and the Official Plan. The City is currently performing an update to the Transportation Master Plan that will guide the future investment in these services and affect the longer-term forecasted projects in terms of timing and scope.

Capital projects are based on the recommended life cycle rehabilitation work as reported in the structure inspection reports. These projects are then aligned with the reconstruction of streets, underground infrastructure improvements, and active transportation planning to prioritize work and optimize planning. The need for road widening, turning lanes or bike facilities is determined by the City’s master plans as well as overall growth plans.

2021 to 2030 project highlights


  • Design and build the new Baker District parkade in 2022 (PG0079). Preliminary designs estimate that approximately 170 parking stalls would be contained within two levels of underground parking under the library’s footprint.

Operating impacts

There are no forecasted impacts from the 2021 recommended capital spending.

Budget details

2021 Transportation Systems capital budget

2021 to 2030 operating budget impact from capital