Information Technology


Information Technology

What we do

One of the priorities for the Information Technology (IT) department is to ensure the safety and security of the City’s information from malware attacks and other cyber threats. Internally, the IT team supports over 1,500 computers and tablets, 1,250 mobile devices, 200 printers, and 1,300 desktop phones. Externally, we provide service to citizens through ongoing support of our suite of business solutions, and enable the public to interact with the City through our convenient online services, our websites, and other public-facing technologies.

Why we do it

The IT department actively sustains all priorities of the Strategic Plan through the implementation of new technologies and use of data to drive decision-making. With our focus on continuous improvement through technology, we are most closely aligned with the Working Together for our Future priority. In collaboration with all departments across the corporation, we strive to modernize our workplace and ultimately improve the lives of the citizens of Guelph.

2021 to 2024+ initiatives

  • Build a City-owned fiber optic network to eliminate dependency on external service providers and reduce risks of network outages. This is a multi-year initiative that will create revenue generation and partnership opportunities.
  • Implement Office 365 to provide video conference and work-from-anywhere functionality to City staff.
  • Implement multifactor authentication and other system measures to further secure the City’s IT infrastructure.
  • Digitize both public facing and internal staff forms to improve the citizen experience and gain staff efficiencies.
  • Purchase and implement a new system to enable a mobile workforce and enhance reporting capabilities to modernize the City’s work and asset management solution.

Budget details

Operating budget—Revenues and expenses

2021 budget impacts

$174,330 or 5.1% net increase in budget in 2021 due to:

  • Increase of $70,000 for proposed purchased services for cyber security consulting.
  • Increase in compensation of $220,000 for proposed contract employee dedicated to transit and paramedic, partially offset by internal charges from Paramedic Services; and a five-year contract project manager position to lead the City fibre project offset through an external recovery from the capital project.
  • Increase in internal recoveries of $166,000 related to corporate recovery of costs from non-tax businesses.
  • The remaining budget changes are inflationary in nature.

2022 to 2024 budget impacts

$877,680 net increase in budget from 2022 to 2024

  • Increase of three positions to support digital modernization of infrastructure and enhanced web and data services.
  • Increase in software services by $50,000 for expense management system implementation.
  • Increase in compensation by $137,715 for a Corporate Applications Analyst to enable and support the Corporate POS Software.
  • Increase in compensation by $100,000 for IT support for new Human Resources management system.
  • The remaining budget increase is inflationary in nature.

Budget requests

  • BR 726—Cyber Security Consulting
  • BR 804—IT Infrastructure Analyst temporary position