City to commence construction on the new Downey well and pumphouse access laneway

Notice Date: Thursday, March 7

The City of Guelph will begin constructing a new laneway to access Downey well and pumphouse for operation and maintenance. Construction is expected to start on Friday, March 15, and last until the Fall, weather permitting.

The new laneway will go from the Niska Road and Downey Road intersection to the Downey well and pumphouse. This work will involve tree removals, signal modification at the Niska/Downey intersection, and the construction of an unpaved (gravel) laneway.

About the project

Downey well is one of the major drinking water supply sources for the City. The current path to the Downey well and pumphouse is located at the intersection of Downey Road and Woodland Glen Drive. The bridge (Structure 118 in Figure 1 below) is in poor condition. Without proper maintenance, the City risks losing this important drinking water source, which will impact its ability to meet the community’s water demand. To learn more about this project, visit the project page on

Map of planned construction area – Figure 1

Map of construction area for the Downey well project

Figure 1: Existing site layout and new proposed laneway for Downey well access and maintenance

Construction timeline:

  • Construction contract awarded March 2024.
  • Tree removal to begin in March.
    Note: We’ve identified thirty-four trees that need to be removed as part of this work. To compensate for the removal of these trees, the City will plant 122 new trees as per the Tree Bylaw and relevant policies.
  • New laneway construction and restoration will begin on April 12 and is expected to last until August 30.

Construction will take place between normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Traffic signal at Niska Rd and Downey Rd

The City is working to modify the traffic signal at the Niska/Downey intersection. The objective is to ensure safe access to the new laneway. The City wants to maintain a safe and smooth flow for motor vehicles and pedestrians in the area.

Sidewalk and Road Closure

Figure 2 shows the potential traffic and pedestrian disruption area. Short duration lane and sidewalk closures may be required during construction for public safety. The City will put up proper lane and sidewalk closure signs to direct traffic and pedestrians away from construction activities.

An image with an illustration showing how traffic may be interrupted

Figure 2: Possible traffic and pedestrian disruption area

More Information

The City appreciates your patience, understanding and cooperation during this important construction project. Any updates will be posted on

For more Information

For more information about the project, or if you require this document to be provided in an alternative format as per the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), please contact:

Rizwan Younis, Project Manager
Water Services
City of Guelph
226 332-1702
[email protected]