City of Guelph Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan Update

Notice of study completion

The study

The City of Guelph has completed a Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan (W/WW MP) to review the City’s existing distribution and collection system for both capacity constraints and required upgrades to existing infrastructure.

The W/WW MP updates the City’s 2008 W/WW MP and serves as a decision support tool as well as a methodology for the prioritization of work and is foundational to the establishment of City policies. The study area focused on all lands within the city of Guelph municipal boundaries.

The process

The study followed the Master Planning Approach No. 1 in accordance with Environmental Assessment Act as per the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) document, October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011, 2015 and 2023. As such, the W/WW MP addressed Phases 1 and 2 of the MCEA process at a high level, and identifies further study requirements for individual projects, where required. All projects that will proceed directly without further study are categorized as exempt from Environmental Assessment Act requirements, as described in the MCEA document.

The Class EA process included public/external agency consultation, an evaluation of alternative solutions and alternative design concepts, an assessment of potential impacts associated with the proposed improvements and the development of measures to mitigate identified impacts. In keeping with the Class EA process, various alternatives were developed, evaluated and a preferred alternative(s) selected.  The following recommended improvements have been selected to address the needs of the City:

  1. New Watermain, Reservoir and Pump Station at Arkell Road and Victoria Road
  2. Watermain and facility upgrades
  3. Wastewater sewer upgrades

Subject to comments received as a result of this notice, and receipt of necessary approvals, the City of Guelph intends to proceed with the recommendations documented in the Class EA Project File using a phased implementation approach pending funding.

The W/WW MP Report is available for review at Interested persons should provide written comment to Reg Russwurm at the City of Guelph within 30 calendar days from the date of this notice (September 17, 2023).

Reg Russwurm, MBA, P.Eng.
Manager, Design and Construction
[email protected]

This Notice was issued on August 17, 2023.

Information will be collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.