Stormwater service fee credit program

Exploring a stormwater service fee credit program

Image shows flow of rain and snow melt through stormwater system

The City of Guelph and its consultant, AECOM, are exploring options for stormwater service fee credits. Credits would provide property owners with opportunities to reduce stormwater runoff on private property for a credit towards the stormwater service fee they pay. A stormwater service fee credit program would also recognize the efforts Guelph property owners are already making to reduce stormwater runoff and the pollutants that flow with it.

Everyone benefits from managing stormwater runoff. Property owners benefit from onsite flood control, and the community benefits from reduced pressures on our stormwater management system, and the cost savings that result from that.

Throughout the study, the City will provide opportunities for public input both in person and online. We encourage you to engage with us throughout this study. All opportunities for engagement will be posted under the Updates tab.


Stormwater systems include all the drains, pipes and ponds that carry or hold rain, melting snow and runoff from hard surfaces.

In 2012, the City’s stormwater management system received a failing grade (F) in the Sustainable Infrastructure Report and Infrastructure Scorecard. The report showed that Guelph’s stormwater drainage system was underfunded by more than $4 million a year. That report drove the City to begin the stormwater funding study in August 2013.

Guelph City Council approved a staff recommendation for a dedicated stormwater service fee by a vote of 11 to 2 at the Council meeting on March 21, 2016.
The recommendation to use to a service fee to fund stormwater services was made following more than two years of study and community consultation.
Through the stormwater funding study, staff:

  • Evaluated existing stormwater program costs and determined future costs required to provide an appropriate level of service to meet the City’s objectives for flood, and environmental protection and regulatory requirements, and to satisfy public service expectations.
  • Researched what other municipalities are doing to address underfunding of stormwater services, a common issue across Ontario and elsewhere.
  • Engaged residents, business and institution owners, environmental organizations and other stakeholders.
  • Identified a service fee as the best option for providing dedicated and sustainable funding that allocates stormwater costs fairly and equitably for all properties.
  • Developed a strategy to implement the stormwater service fee which was approved by Council on March 21, 2016.

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As we create materials for open houses, Council presentations and other purposes, we will provide them here.

November 17, 2016 open house

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