What are my options?

What are my options once I receive a provincial offence ticket?

Within 15 days, you must choose one of the following three options:


If you do not exercise one of the three options within 15 days of receiving your Provincial Offences Notice, you will be deemed not to dispute the charge and a Justice of the Peace may enter a conviction against you.  Upon conviction, additional costs will be added to the total payable.  If the fine goes into default, an administrative fee will be added and steps will be taken to enforce your defaulted fine.  For example, information may be provided to a consumer reporting agency and for certain offences, including speeding, your driver’s licence may be suspended.

Option 1 – Plea of Guilty – Voluntary Payment of Total Payable

By choosing this option, you are stating that you are guilty and you must pay the total payable as set out on your ticket.

Fine payments may be made either in person or by mail. If a partial payment is made, or if the defendant’s cheque is returned for insufficient funds, the fine will not be considered fully paid.

Option 2 – Plea of Guilty – Submissions as to Penalty

Please call 519-826-0762, press 1; or email [email protected] and an audio appointment will be scheduled for you to speak to The Justice of the Peace.

The Justice of the Peace can

  • Reduce the amount of the set fine
  • Give you an extension of time in which you can pay the fine

The Justice of the Peace cannot

  • Reduce the charge; e.g. a speeding charge of 20 kilometres over the limit cannot be reduced to 15 kilometres
  • Remove or reduce the demerit points to be applied. Demerit points are applied by the Ministry of Transportation upon conviction and the court cannot change the demerit points to be applied.

Option 3 – Trial – Notice of Intention to Appear

If you wish to request a court date, you must sign the notice of intention to appear on the back of the ticket under Option 3: Trial Option. Any requests for trial may then be hand delivered or mailed, to the Court office and must be received by the Court within 15 days. A trial date will be set and mailed to you.

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