Provincial Offences Court frequently asked questions

How many days do I have to respond once I receive a Provincial Offences ticket?

Please read and follow the instructions provided on the back of the blue ticket (Offence Notice). Within 15 days, you must choose one of the following options:

  1. Plea of guilty – payment out of court
  2. Plea of Guilty – Submissions as to penalty
  3. Trial option

What if I need more time to pay a Provincial Offences fine?

If you need more time to pay a fine, visit the Court Office noted on the back of your ticket and complete the Extension of Time to Pay form. Completed forms are to be filed with the Court Office. It will then be submitted to a Justice of the Peace for decision. You will then be required to contact the office to determine whether the extension is granted or not.

Why are there two amounts on my ticket?

One amount is the set fine and the second is the total payable. The total payable consists of the set fine, court costs and the victim fine surcharge.

Court costs are an amount to be paid by the defendant for the service of the offence notice and/or summons and upon conviction of an offence. The costs are authorized by Section 60 of the Provincial Offences Act and the amount is set by Regulation.

The Victim Fine Surcharge is imposed by the Provincial Government and is added to every fine imposed under the Provincial Offences Act. The amount of the Victim Fine Surcharge varies based on the amount of the set fine. Proceeds from the surcharge are used to maintain and expand provincial services to victims of crime.

Will I be able to pay a parking ticket at the Provincial Offences Court?

Yes, parking infractions can be paid in person at 59 Carden Street, or in person at City Hall at 1 Carden Street. Parking infractions can also be paid online at

Parking payments may also be accepted by phone at 1-877-678-8465 or through the online Parking Ticket Payment System.

Where do I appeal?

Appeal Forms and Information can be obtained from any Ontario Court of Justice Provincial Offences (Provincial Offences Court) or Criminal Court Office.

How can I find out more information about filing appeals?

The Ministry of the Attorney General has developed a Guide to Appeals in Provincial Offences Cases, providing general information about court process for appeals under the Provincial Offences Act.

How do I request an extension of time to pay for my Offence Notice (ticket)?

Information and forms are available on our payment extensions page.

How do I sign my documents if they require a signature?

The Ontario Court of Justice will accept electronically signed document where a signature is required.  An electronic signature consists of electronic information that identifies the signatory and the date and place of signing.  For example, you may type your name as the signature.

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