Get a rain barrel

Guelph’s annual rain barrel sale

Every spring, the city sells a limited quantity of discounted rain barrels. The sale for 2024 will open on Monday March 4, 2024. To order a rain barrel and have it delivered to you, visit

  • The City’s rain barrel sale is open to Guelph residents only.
  • Rain barrels are to be ordered online and are delivered straight to the address provided.

Plants and pollinators love rain water

Guelph tap water is great for drinking, but plants prefer rain water. It’s not too cold, and naturally soft compared to Guelph’s hard groundwater.

Collecting and using rainwater saves you money and helps prevent floods and protect our rivers by reducing stormwater runoff. If there’s rain in the forecast, drain your rain barrel onto your lawn, garden or in your composter to prevent overflowing.

More ways to help protect Guelph’s water supply

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Ways to use a rain barrel

  • Fill a watering can for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Connect a soaker hose and place it in your garden
  • Add pressure using a pond pump and attach a garden hose
  • Rinse off your gardening tools

How to install a rain barrel

You will need:

  • your complete rain barrel kit
  • safety glasses and gloves
  • a shovel
  • a level
  • a hacksaw
  • drill, screws and a screwdriver
  • a flexible downspout
  • cinder blocks or a stand

Place the rain barrel near the downspout closest to the plants or gardens you’ll be watering. Walk between the barrel and the garden a few times to make sure it won’t be an obstacle.

Shovel a flat spot for a stand or cinder blocks; make sure they are level, so the barrel won’t tip over. Raising your rain barrel off the ground creates gravity flow and allows you to fit a watering can under the spout.

Place your barrel on the stand or blocks and mark downspout where you will cut it and attach a flexible hose that reaches the opening of the rain barrel.

Move the barrel out of the way. Wearing your safety glasses and gloves, use the hacksaw to cut the downspout.

Connect the flexible downspout (wear your gloves to protect against sharp metal edges) and use screws to attach it to the downspout.

Place the rain barrel back on the blocks or stand, attach the spout and overflow tube. Make sure the spout is easy to access.

Cover the opening of your barrel with the screen included in your rain barrel kit to stop leaves and debris getting into your barrel and prevent mosquito breeding.

Direct the flexible downspout into the opening of your rain barrel.