Map-based issue reporting user guide

Report an Issue

Report an Issue is a web-based application for reporting non-emergency issues using a map. For optimal functionality and performance, Google Chrome is recommended.

  • Launch Report an Issue at or from by selecting Request a service and picking Report an issue by location
  • Sign in as a guest or use an existing Twitter or ArcGIS account to login
  • Review the information and privacy details

Report non-emergency issues by location in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Select an issue category

Select an issue category from the right panel to review or submit specific issues.

  • Selecting a category will show all open or recently closed issues reported for the specific category group
  • Review an existing issue by selecting the icon on the map or an item in the right panel
  • Optionally Like or add a comment

Step 2: Submit an issue

Select Submit an Issue at the bottom of the right panel.

Step 3: Fill out your details

Include your contact information if you would like to receive updates about the issue from the City.

  • First name (optional)
  • Last name (optional)
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Email (optional, required for email correspondence)

Step 4: Select your location

You can look up an address or simply click on the map.

Step 5: Report it

Once the issue details are entered, click the Report it button. Email notifications will be sent if contact details have been supplied. This email will include a link to the specific issue.

Report an Issue user guide: printer-friendly