Subconscious Garden by Chanel DesRoches

Colourful abstract painting

Chanel DesRoches is a practicing artist based in Guelph, Ontario Canada and a graduate of the Studio Art program at the University of Guelph, receiving her Bachelor of Arts with Honours, working in mediums like drawing and printmaking.

Chanel focuses her energy on painting as her primary practice. Surrendering thoughts and feelings onto a surface is her way of suggesting that there is a personal narrative behind all of the vibrant colours and lines.

Chanel represents time through change; the evolution of varying colour waves, sporadic mark marking, and the constant struggle of trying to reveal the contrasting moments amongst the chaos. The first impression is of passion and energy then carefully wanders to afterthoughts of suppression and distraction. Chanel uses this mode of visual language to communicate anxieties, uncertainty, and resilience.


Chanet Desroches seated on a stool in front of a colourful abstract background